adventure books for girls

I appreciate your kind comments. Secondly, a good book for girls is one that suits the interest of the girl in question. This was a spin-off of the Geronimo Stilton franchise, and involved a troupe of female mice who were investigative journalists-in-training. Well-written, epic stories like these offer characters that readers can invest their emotions in. This book enabled Leah to understand that a story can be longer, and continue day after day, and be there the next night even if we hadn’t reached the back cover of the book yet. Those are the only two books of the series we own. Want to keep kids hooked on a new title? managing to meekly clear my throat. Don’t fret! It also created a fascination with the Greek culture and history. Of all of the female characters in all of the books that Leah has read or has listened to, Matilda might be the one who is the biggest reader. The lessons, obvious. Timelessly on display From there, we stumbled upon two excellent trilogies. each night The Giver by Lois Lowry appeared on Jackie’s list of the 40 Best Books for Boys and it makes it on to my list of good books for girls, too. Leah also liked how the politics of both the Capitol and the Rebels had flaws that made supporting them untenable. The historical fiction genre proved to be right up Leah’s alley once again, and she enjoyed this book thoroughly, as did I. I thank you for leaving the comment that you did. We didn’t even know that this was a series until we were finishing up the first book and went looking for others by the same author. The rest were borrowed from the Library. As mentioned earlier, Leah and I read together each night and, Leah also reads her own books throughout the day. Have fun sharing this experience with your child…you will both be the better for it. The allure of the Titanic disaster, for Leah, is the contrast between the epic scale of the disaster and the incredible personal stories that abound. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything in the world. before she could even recognize a single printed word. My first thought was to try Harry Potter next, but Leah was a bit intimidated, and asked to wait “until I am eight.”. These books were a definite intellectual step up just like Peter Pan had been an intellectual step up from the picture books we used to read together. How about a Children’s Bible with lots of bright On a recent family vacation, we toured the very house pictured on the front of the book that accompanies. That’s why just as many girls loved the Harry Potter series, for instance, as boys. Check out this hand-curated list of perfect page to screen titles from Scholastic Librarian Deimosa Webber-Bey -- great for all ages. Damn you, Laura Ingalls! Leah liked that she was a strong young girl. You’re welcome! As I begin to wind this post down, I do so with the slight caution that while the books Leah and I have read over the course of her life have been the best books for her (and, by extension, for me), they are only a guide for you as a young female reader, or for you as the person who loves that young female reader.

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