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At first, he developed the land along lines of the ornamental farm advocated by Andrew Jackson Downing. For general information call 570/296-9630. These programs prompted Franklin Roosevelt to ask Pinchot for direction in creating the Civilian Conservation Corps. [7], In 1980, the USFS realized how much its renovations had damaged an architecturally significant structure and began trying to undo some of the changes it had made. See. Today it is in poor condition. During the Depression, Pinchot embarked on a massive rural improvement program, hiring men, not machines, to pave thousands of miles of "Pinchot roads", intended to provide Pennsylvania farmers easier access to markets. Two years later it was complete, but not before Pinchot altered the plans slightly to save money. [7], Almost all the materials came from local sources. Pinchot also established the Society of American Foresters and a Journal of Forestry in 1900, bringing improved standing for the new profession that he had virtually created, grounded in the personal networks that he started developing as a student. Situated on the hills above Milford, it overlooks the Delaware River. MILFORD, PA — On Saturday, October 19, the Grey Towers National Historic Site is hosting a cemetery theatre program that will “bring inhabitants to life.” The Laurel Hill Cemetery, located on Old Owego Turnpike at Grey Towers, holds the history of some of Milford’s earliest inhabitants. This feature was called, “The Finger Bowl.”. 1.1K likes. Please click below to consent to the use of this technology while browsing our site. Grey Towers, located in Milford, Pennsylvania, was originally the summer estate of the James Pinchot family and later the primary home of Gifford Pinchot, America’s first forester and founder of the USDA Forest Service. at Waterloo in 1819, eventually arriving at Milford in 1821 to join an already To learn more about the non-profit organization, visit Meanwhile, with a $250,000 endowment from the Pinchot family, the Yale School of Forestry opened its doors in 1900, using Grey Towers for student preparatory field work (until 1926), and finding graduates work in America, rather than abroad. There is also a gift shop. Today, the Forest Service's 34,250 employees manage 193,000,000 acres of national forest and grasslands, 14,077 recreation sites; 143,346 miles of trails; 374,883 miles of roads; and the harvesting of 1.5 billion trees each year. James encouraged his eldest son Gifford to consider a career in forestry, thus introducing the idea of conservation to America. He grew up in New York City, spent summers in Connecticut, attended Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, and toured Europe, where he expanded his world view. There [10], There, James Pinchot's primary endeavor was planning and designing Grey Towers and the land around it. Bedrooms were located on the second floor, with more on the third floor plus storage spaces and children's playrooms. Various other rooms in the wing and second floor were converted to storage or office use, and the swimming pool was filled in, in 1979, when it became a safety and maintenance problem. The house, built in the style of a French château to reflect the Pinchot family's French … Box 188, Milford, PA 18337. The Pinchot Institute hosts, without charge, conferences related to on the fortieth anniversary of the Forest Service he helped to found: 'I have He realized that there would be no peace until environmental justice became an integral part of human life. [5][19] The state of Pennsylvania's Department of Natural Resources also made a $2 million grant available for renovations to the entrance, entry road and parking facilities. Sign up for our newsletter and enter to win the second edition of our book. The house was built in a distinctly French style to pay homage to the family’s homeland. [7] In the late 1930s, Gifford Pinchot started the White Pine Plantation to reforest some old farmland near the mansion. One day you are likely to find yourself headed to New Jersey's northernmost corner in search of adventure. [23], U.S. National Register of Historic Places, "Gifford Pinchot (1865-1946) - PHMC Historical Markers", "Special Initiatives in the Northeastern Area/Grey Towers National Historic Site", "Yale School of Forestry Summer Camp at Grey Towers (1900-1926)", "Carpeting, Lighting, Wallpaper & Window Treatments", "$2 Million Awarded for Grey Towers National Historic Landmark", Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources, "National Register of Historic Places Inventory—Nomination Form: Grey Towers", Grey Towers, Old Route 6, Milford, Pike County, PA, Grey Towers, Gate House, Old Route 6, Milford, Pike County, PA, Grey Towers, Bait Box, Old Route 6, Milford, Pike County, PA, Grey Towers, Letter Box, Old Route 6, Milford, Pike County, PA,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 14:27. All rights reserved. shall be until my dying day.' MILFORD, PA — On Saturday, October 19, the Grey Towers National Historic Site is hosting a cemetery theatre program that will “bring inhabitants to …. But they still draw lines familiar in political and environmental activist theater today, where conservation and social issues are inextricably interwoven. Family Fun Gifford's brother, Amos, who became a lawyer in part to handle the family's estate and to free Gifford from that worry, went on to become a founder of the American Civil Liberties Union.

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