how to do mun research

Back up choice of policy with data from steps 1 – 3. Alternative energy?) Keep asking yourself similar questions until you run out of time, and remember: if you can back up your solutions and prove that they will be successful, despite your lack of preparation, you will seem like the best-researched delegate in the room. Knowing their positions on the topic will help you predict their arguments before the debate and think of good responses. The numbers can range from GDP and Population to a country’s unemployment rate to the child mortality rate to the percentage of women in politics. You can cut the engine once you enter a circular orbit around the Mun. What is your stance on this specific topic issue? At this point, you just have to wait until you land on the surface. 2. So, what type of political structure do you have? 2. BBC Country profiles – When looking for a quick history, BBC country profiles is probably the best resource on the internet. They can influence the national interest but usually exist alongside them as an additional layer of considerations. However, many students are unaware of how to access the vast array of opportunities that are available and, unfortunately, do not take advantage of them. The final step in your research is to determine your country’s position on the topics you will be discussing in your committee. Just remove the LT-05 Micro Landing Struts and the whole Middle Stage. This means determining if your country is in favor of solutions that have been proposed or resolutions that have been passed, or if your country has been advocating at the UN for policies. While countries are important, it is always the most proactive and competent delegates who are the ones leading the discussion and drafting the resolutions. In Model UN, you’ll be discussing some of the hundreds of topics available, which can be intimidating! After that, assuming you do not have much background, using search engines, or Wikipedia, usually helps to get a basic idea. Take note of all these important characteristics, and continue to brainstorm solutions. Authoritarian dictator? Numbers are harder to argue with and nine out of ten times when a delegate hears another delegate using many numbers they will take them at their word and want to work with this. . Remember to look specifically for places where the Security Council has been active. All Rights Reserved | Site design by Hibiscus Creative on Thesis. A Maneuver Node (Right-Click on orbit to place). The rules of research, debate principles and strategies of Model United Nations are generally universal, the specific conference rules are not. Now is the time to relax. Read more about what to include in a research binder here! Use the CIA World Factbook as well as Wikipedia to find out the basics of your country (usually the country’s main Wiki will be enough, but there are also typically Wiki pages about a nation’s economy and foreign relations). To de-orbit, simply point your ship so it is facing the retrograde vector on the navball. For this reason, when researching your committee, when you find a limitation, see if you can find which other committees would complete this course of action. Knowing what is the normal course of action, has precedent or is legal/illegal can give you a central place in the discussion even if you have less knowledge about the topic or feel you have a less relevant position. Once you understand your committee’s topics (or likely topics), you can think about researching them based on three broad questions: What has the UN done on this issue in the past? Activate the throttle and burn until you get into a stable orbit. Solve the problem B. There was a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador on April 16, 2016. If you studied until 2015 would you be able to represent Egypt? Does it have any major allies? The Mun can be used as a gravity assist. Probably the most important part of researching yourself is what your country wants right now. The ultimate MUN database, conference management tool, and social network. That being said, there are times when you find yourself on the bus to a Model UN conference with an empty binder and no idea what your committee’s topics are. After that, keep slowing down your ship, keeping the velocity under 50m/s, until you see a shadow on the ground. If you do not have someone on your committee who can do this, work with your advisor to have someone from the community do this introduction and take you around. Want to write for the AMUN Accords? Think of the Model UN simulation as a diplomatic job, wherein the best case you improve your country’s situation and at worst make sure they don’t lose as much as they could. Once you run out of fuel, decouple the last stage. If the Model United Nations committee is discussing earthquakes, some countries could say the following: Poorer countries that are earthquake-prone would want the resolution to include clauses committing the UN, or larger countries, to give significant financial support in such cases. Congratulations! Hour 1: - Read the Background Guide provided to you, apart from the Case Studies and important questions. As a delegate negotiating on their behalf and, whether limited by your high court and the Geneva Convention, you are bound by what they can or cannot do. Hour 2:- Understand the mandate of the UNHCR and read the Refugee Convention of 1951. History means recent history. As you read, underline the problems that are brought up, and start brainstorming solutions. The Library – In addition to resources you may find on the internet, you can also try the university or public library! Countries that don’t pay much into the UN budget would want to continue to not pay and would support clauses that keep the donations focused on those who are currently funding UN aid and disaster relief. Look at the information available about the country and see what links you can find. Once your apoapsis has reached ~50km from the surface, cut the throttle. Explore your landing site by walking around. If you are the UAE, a political representation may not be a priority. No, that is before the civil war in Yemen and the ISIS attacks on Egyptian christians. Just press [ALT] + F9 and select the quicksave you want to load from. Once you see a shadow, lower your landing gear and slow your ship down to under 10m/s. Once you have a decent understanding of the topic and your country, you take this knowledge together and learn what your “Country Policy” is on your topic.

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