pregnancy accommodation laws by state

Women disabled by pregnancy are entitled to the same rights as those with similar temporary disabilities, with additional rights regarding maternity leave. 0000000916 00000 n Women disabled by pregnancy are entitled to the same rights as those with similar temporary disabilities. Health Insurance: Any health insurance provided by an employer must cover expenses for pregnancy-related conditions on the same basis as costs for other medical conditions. Covered Virginia employers should review their handbook and policies governing pregnancy leave and reasonable accommodations to ensure compliance with this law. Provisions for pregnancy accommodation: Arizona state employees who are unable to work due to temporary disability caused by pregnancy, childbirth, or associated medical care (including miscarriage and abortion), or who are immediate family members of individuals with a temporary disability caused by pregnancy, childbirth, or associated medical care, are entitled to the same leave benefits as employees … § 207) ("FLSA"). Non-taxpayer-funded Religious Organizations. h�b```b``�a`e`����π �@1V�{�X/���|� B�$Wr+����xfE���JS���h��{M��f��� �� ��`�y\���˃u)3����=���A���I)�{G�1!M�"�5��*����4B���N���d'*��ľ�">�-��4�ä�� �0�"!.�7x��7C�h���^(;@� c�4@ Women disabled by pregnancy are entitled to the same rights as those with similar temporary disabilities. Fraternal and social non-profit organizations, Bona fide tax-exempt private membership clubs, Certain social and fraternal organizations. Ann. XpertHR is part of the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Group portfolio of brands. Fringe Benefits: If an employer provides any benefits to workers on leave, the employer must provide the same benefits to those on leave for pregnancy-related conditions. An employer must provide reasonable accommodations to an employee for health conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth if she so requests, with the advice of her licensed health care provider or certified doula, unless the employer demonstrates that the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the employer's business. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act applies only to employers with 15 or more employees – and state-level pregnancy discrimination laws generally have similar restrictions with respect to the size of the employer. In total, two states do not offer provisions for both pregnancy discrimination and pregnancy accommodations: Indiana and North Carolina. Pregnancy discrimination is prohibited by federal law and most state laws, while some states also require employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions. This website uses cookies to collect certain information about your browsing session. .dol-alert-status-error .alert-status-container {display:inline;font-size:1.4em;color:#e31c3d;} ch. By collecting this information, we learn how to best tailor this site to our visitors. 0000001844 00000 n Haw. trailer Pregnancy Discrimination & Temporary Disability. You’ll get to explore thousands of resources that will help you be confident in your HR decisions, increase your productivity and deliver on your business strategies. N.D. Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. However, we also litigate in federal and state courts throughout the nation. Subdivision 1. Most non-profit organizations, including social, fraternal, charitable, educational, and religious. *Georgia and Mississippi have laws providing additional protections to state employees only. 0000010258 00000 n Cent. In North Dakota, pregnancy discrimination laws are valid for employers who hire at least 1 employee for at least one quarter of each year. We have not included those laws here. (2) the position into which the employee transfers is compensated. 43 Pa. Stat. The state laws listed on the chart include laws prohibiting discrimination against pregnant women, and require an employer to apply the same benefits, terms, and conditions to pregnancy, birth, recovery or associated conditions as applied to other temporary disabilities or impairments. § 44-1009; Kan. Admin. Ann. And Alaska only details provisions for public employers. Gen. Laws Ann. Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant Workers: State and Local Laws SEPTEMBER 2020 Thirty-one states, including the District of Columbia, and four cities have passed laws requiring some employers to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers. (1) because of pregnancy and the birth of a child of the employee or the placement of a child, other than the employee’s stepchild, with the employee for adoption; an employer may require that an employee using family leave under this paragraph take the leave in a single block of time; Kan. Stat. As is the case with the federal laws discussed above, the leave rights and other protections available under state laws may interact or overlap with federal laws. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 offers basic, federal-level protections for pregnant females from any discrimination or harassment from employers.

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