russian appetizer ideas

aspic and šašlõk (shashlik) are the best of the bunch. Wow… Wish I could do that. Perhaps it’s one reason why Russians have always had such a low life span (about 65 years). And what about SALO, dear author, every russian prove that it’s ukrainian food. Actually the holiday cycle starts from Catholic Christmas on December 25th, followed by Gregorian New Year and Eastern Orthodox Christmas on January 7, and finally ends with Old New Year on January 14, which means 4 weeks of feasting and celebrating. Russians joke that olivje salad is often used as a table pillow, for those who got too much vodka and can’t hold their head – they simply drop it down to olivje plate. Win-win at parties . THANKS! @ miasto-maßa-maszynabut “I’ve never seen it in any shop in Poland.” – in regards to pickled cabbage. As they are growing old, they change their way, instead of growing tall and strong, they can feel better after hangover by drinking its juice. looks delicious. And let our glasses clink. Russian cuisineis one of the most unique taste experiences you can have with food. If anything, Russia’s culture comes from Ukrainian roots. If you like to know, most russians prefare ukrainian Nemiroff, becouse russian vodka is no so good? The processes of making salted cabbage are as follows; cabbages are being kept in the jar for the several days, add some berries, salt and spices. Them together with their pickled brother veggies, cucumbers, fermented cabbage and pickled mushrooms are being usually hand processed at home by Russian wifes to be ready for the New Year or some birthday parties. 2.- Jelly meat? Almost every Russian family eats potatoes daily, and on parties the potatoes is a must too. We, Russians, don’t eat potatoes “practically daily”. You Ukro-nazis are really went mad with your fuked up nationalism, trying to be something you are not. This appetizer belongs to another food which considered as popular as the pickled cucumbers. Also, in America, Big Mac is for poor peasants who abuse government help. Usually the recipe is very easy – any fish, could be freshly caught from local river, then a few potatoes and some carrots and onion, salt and here you have another appetizer for drinking outside. Mistake! *LOL* I guess it’s looking so “cheap and nasty” because it’s selfmade and not bought in a box and every dish has its own taste and not everything’s tasting the same… ^^, i eat pretty much of that stuff regularely, i guess many of it is pretty international:D PS. Almost every Russian home has this food as their serving menu. Often served in beautiful silver or porcelain dishes filled with chipped ice lemon pieces, Caviar on the New Year table is a symbol of wealth and brings Russians hope that the next year will be a year full of blessed. Tomatoes are ukrainian??? Most of that seems like it would be tasty, though I’m not sure how much I’d like the meat aspic–I’d certainly try it though…, it’s good with garlic or grated horseradish. Like in most northen countries foods are primarily nutrious. Lists are very useful. Caviar. I have a cooking recipe site as well and I��d like to exchange links with you. Delicious.. Greetings from Estonia, Salut! Top russian-appetizers recipes just for you Explore more recipes . May 21, 2009 at 7:50 am Yes, you may have Salo and Borsh in Ukraine, but that does not make it “only Ukrainian.” Ty navernoe kakoi-to tupoi zapadenec. Olivier’s salad quickly became immensely popular with Hermitage regulars, and became the restaurant’s signature dish. Pickled tomatoes. “and then left in cold place to the jelly appear” – Yum? Most common salty delight is…”vobla” – dry salted fish. salt, flour, water, yeast, gorgonzola cheese, butter, lard. Red caviar is much more expensive than Big Mac, Russians eat caviar a lot. Yes when we say caviar, we often keep in mind Russia. If we drink we will die, Russian Eggs. In Russia, the dish that is close to “Borsh” calls “SHI” and it’s not red. Actually the name of Olivier is derived from the creator of the cuisine that is the French chef named Chef Lucien Olivier. But don’t be so sad, you still can enjoy many another Russian with their rich taste too. In Russia, every mother always served that cuisine on their family time especially at special occasion like Christmas Eve or New Year celebration. The author knows about Russian Appetizers as much as I about nano technologies…. It is simple food, quick and easy to prepare, you can find it in nearby restaurant or just simply make it yourself by searching the perfect recipe. Have you ever BEEN to Poland? Potatos – we all eat them – Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Germans (i very like some sorts of Kartofellsalat). He worked in one of Moscow restaurant. Famous Russian pickled cucumbers. I found your blog from google. love russian black bread-with cream cheese, smoked salmon, mmm. Disclaimer | Else there were to much pickled things on the list for my taste:), SALMON ROE/ikura caviar!!! 1.- WTF SALO? aspic is great, here we call it “Holodetz” (meaning “dish served cold”). So now, on your next trip to Russia, if it would ever happen, or just on a visit to Russian rest you can have an idea on what to order first. same with pickled cucumbers. What exactly is the jelly? What are you talking about? Less cheap pork, more vegetables – what you get is a dish ready for the 21th century! Potatoes. And if beer is drunk, it’s drunk not as for starters during a meal. Top 8 Russian Appetizers for New Year’s Eve Celebration New Year in Russia is considered to be a family holiday, but many choose to have their New Year’s party in clubs or restaurants, or while being away on exotic beach vacations, or in …

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