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© 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I still get hot flashes but am no longer moving around in a drowsy state trying to find a cool spot. Also, the dryer is FULL of lint from them after washing and drying them in the dryer. Great sleeping with a cooler mattress pad covering a pillow top mattress.I am no longer waking up several times in the middle of the night. It feels like cotton I guess maybe? I reported this to them and they were very gracious and sent me a new set but they are still pretty linty. I was almost on the verge of buying another mattress. I will not buy any other slumbercloud products based on the customer experience alone.If you do buy this and feel like it may or may not be working, i would highly encourage you to simply return it.If you create an account on SlumberCloud with the hopes of posting a review, you'll see that you can't do that anywhere on the website, which means they completely control their review process to make it look like they have great products. We have purchased Slumber Cloud sheets and I love the softness and the coolness of them. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with either their Nacreous mattress pad or Dryline mattress protector? They are very soft. A place to discuss anything to do with mattresses, mattress accessories, and sleep technology. Thank you Slumber Cloud. I ordered mattress cooling pad August 15, 2020 and I was told it would come in 7-10 is now September 1, and I have called twice with the same standard answer, that they are backed up....this time it was promised to be shipped by Sept 3, and should arrive by Sept 6 or's not like this is a cheap mattress pad....$358.00...will give them one more chance....and will cancel Sept 8th if it does not show up....they do not let you know anything, or give out any the customer has to call and get the updates....very VERY BAD BUSINESS in my world and I will never order anything from them again. I have already recommended them to several friends. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Directions were easy to follow and now I have a great sleeping experience. For most part I don't even wake up at night as often, but I'm old and it happens but it's not from waking up hot. I recently purchased 4 comforters from different companies - all claiming to be "summer cooling" - but they were not. The space age Outlast® technology built right into each product automatically absorbs, stores, and releases heat as the temperature under your covers changes to help you make the most of your sleep. Each piece of Slumber Cloud bedding works in unison to control the microclimate of your bed to reduce heat and moisture buildup and cool down even the hottest of sleepers. I have an old comforter and my wife and I want a new one. The one I have currently isn't like that, it has an outside and an inside but the inside doesn't squish down like down. AS I WAS SLEEPING HOT, I WAS GUIDED TO BELIEVE THE NACREOUS MATTRESS PAD (GOLD PLUS RATING) WOULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE......SAVE YOUR HARD EARNED $$$$, IT DOESN'T! I plan to buy a second set. Delivery took 5 days although it was FedEx. Then I ordered Slumber Cloud Cumulus Comforter. Quilts have "batting" made of polyester, wool, cotton, and many other types of materials. So the shipping to me was free, but the return shipping for an article that did not perform as promised was not. Despite the fact that it did NOT perform as promised, I was charged $14 to return it. Also, do I absolutely need waterproof protection? Press J to jump to the feed. The best comforters in my opinion are real feather down, sadly most of what is being advertised as down isn’t really down at all, (down alternative) etc. You could just get a duvet cover for your current comforter, Sounds like it could be a wool comforter? I am troubled by hot flashes and was miserable. You won't regret it!! I haven't slept this well in 20 years and absolutely recommend the Slumber Cloud products. I don't know but whenever I try to find anything like it online I can't. We have a memory foam mattress and purchased this mattress pad for the purpose of cooling as promised on the website. I've read reviews on Buffy, Slumber Cloud, Sheex, to name a few, but was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with any of those brands or had any recommendations themselves. Do not hesitate - go to their website as soon as possible. I had bought the comforter in hopes to relieve my night sweats and temperature control. Claims Paypal will pay return shipping, but you tell them you want to return, they will insist you do all these ridiculous things to make this piece of crap work by then Paypal return shipping is no longer an option! I absolutely love the feel and sound of a down duvet, but if you prefer a comforter that’s fine. Hasn't made any difference unfortunately - mattress still hot! We gave it several trials of a 2-3 nights followed by a return to our old comforter and back to the new again. I was not expecting that and it will come handy for storage. I get super hot when I sleep and many times wake up dripping. "Down alternative" is simply polyester fill. I went past my return period by a month and they were not able to be flexible about a return at all. New Age Comforter for All Type of Sleep Environments. OMG best thing since sliced bread. I’m trying to reduce the heat of my Tempur-Pedic a bit and these both use Outlast, which I understand is supposed to be quite effective. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with either their Nacreous mattress pad or Dryline mattress protector? Was on the pricey side. Thank you Slumber Cloud. The Slumber cloud consistently slept much hotter for both of us. Slumber Cloud you are a thieving organization with false advertising and HORRIBLE customer service that resolves NOTHING! It was tantamount to sleeping under plastic. Go buy a $50 mattress pad on Amazon and I guarantee you will be happier. I absolutely sleep far more better than ever and a lot cooler.

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