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Stormsurf contributed to a formal research paper recently published in the renown scientific periodical 'Geophysical Research Journal' concerning the effects of large North Pacific swells and their contribution to iceberg breakup off the Ross Ice Shelf (Antarctica). Regardless, our belief now is that the coming of Spring is thwarting any impact the Active or Inactive Phase might have. And we're not talking just a few teaser products - We're talking full feature wave models, weather models, real-time buoy data, manually built forecasts and hundreds of spot wave and wind forecasts enabling you to construct a surf forecast for any location on the.cgianet, all from your cell phone and all for free. Overview See chart here - link. See QuikCASTs for the 5 day surf overview or read below for the detailed view. No tropical weather system of interest were being monitored. North Pacific Animations: Jetstream - Surface Pressure/Wind - Sea Height - Surf Height. The Washington/JISAO index (Jan-Dec): Jan 2018 +0.70. We have been suspecting a turn towards a La Nina like atmospheric pattern to develop in the late Winter/early Spring of 2020. And better yet, there's a few new things sprinkled in that are not yet available even on our full-featured web site. sgi_ord=Math.random()*10000000000000000; Sustained winds were 35 kts. Seas peaking at 18Z at 38 ft over a tiny area at 42N 159E (308 degs HI). The more warm water in the equatorial East Pacific means more storm production in the North Pacific during winter months (roughly speaking). Overview And with the advent of our Buoy Forecasts, you now have a similar view, but using the models to project what is to come for the next 7 days. Once you enter, just click on the HTML file forecast you want to review (e.g. The East Shore was flat and almost clean with trades suppressed. Warm water was all but gone off Central America north of the equator. Also we've included out special 3D topographic land masks into all models. It's si.cgie and free. Advanced: Winter - Swell and period combination capable of generating faces 1.5 times overhead to double overhead (7-10 ft) A year in the works, this upgrade essentially is a total re-write of every wave model product we produce. Significant: Winter - Swell 8 ft @ 14 secs or greater (11+ ft faces) for 8+ hours (greater than double overhead). Something to monitor. Summer - Waist to chest high. We earned our reputation as a technical powerhouse by working with the local crew at Mavericks to develop surf forecasts specifically for them. In the evening the fetch is to build with 40-45 kt west winds in the far Southeastern Pacific producing 32 ft seas at 59S 130.5W aimed east. But overall, none of these systems were of interest at this time. Early Tues (11/17) southwest winds are forecast at 15-20 kts for North CA north of Bodega Bay and light northwest south of there. If you want to select a different location, just click on the word 'edit', and a list of alternate available locations appears. Summer - up to waist high swell. Swell from a weak system previously in the Southeast Pacific is pushing towards Southern CA and points south of there. Temps have been on a steady decline since 7/25. If you have Google set as your default Internet E.cgiorer Homepage, just click the link below and a buoy forecast will be added to your Google homepage. The more warm water in the equatorial East Pacific means more storm production in the North Pacific during winter months (roughly speaking). A fetch of 40-45 kt westerly winds are to star building off Northern Japan and the Kuril Islands late Friday (3/8) peaking Sat AM (3/9) with a tiny area of 55 kt northwest winds and seas building to 34 ft over an infinitesimal area. Learn about how we came to be and a little of where we are going. Summer - Waist to chest high. Beyond 72 hours a gale is forecast developing just off the Kuril Islands on Mon (11/9) producing 50 kt west winds over a small area and seas building from 33 ft at 47.5N 163E aimed east. During the Active Phase in the Pacific the MJO tends to support the formation of stronger and longer lasting gales resulting in enhanced potential for the formation of swell producing storms. The 30 day average was down to 2.32 and the 90 day average was down slightly to -1.84. The previous low before that was -0.733 on 9/10. 'CBS This Morning' with the Mavericks Invitational Surf Contest - See a nice morning TV show piece on the Mavericks Contest held Sun 1/20/13. Once you enter, just click on the HTML file forecast you want to review (e.g. Lana is to max out 48 hours from now with 60 kts winds (not hurricane strength, but close) and moving well southeast of the Hawaiian Islands, tracking under the Big Island on Sunday. The North Shore of Hawaii is to be flat for the next week. The Tasman Sea remains forecast to be active though, making Fiji a good possible alternative. Per NOAAs index recent values: Jan 2018 +0.29, Feb -0.19, Mar -0.61, April -0.89, May -0.69, June -0.85, July -0.09, Aug -0.43, Sept -0.46, Oct -0.75, Nov -0.78, Dec -0.12, Jan 2019 -0.18, Feb -0.50 Mar -0.23, April +0.10, May +0.14, June -0.11, July +0.44, Aug -0.14, Sept +0.05, Oct -0.96, Nov -0.28, Dec +0.01, Jan 2020 -1.17, This continues to look like the warm phase of the PDO. New southern hemi background swell from that gale southeast of New Zealand is expected in on Monday to thigh high building to waist high on Tuesday, then fading Wednesday (8/5). And historically, this is the 'normal' pattern (a few years of false starts post La Nina before a legit El Nino forms). with west anomalies holding from south of California to Ecuador. : See Hi-Res Buoy Dashboards (bottom of the page). Swell continuing on Sunday at 3 ft @ 14-15 secs (chest to head high with 1 ft overhead sets at top spots) and slowly fading. Important info. If you have Google set as your default Internet E.cgiorer Homepage, just click the link below and a buoy forecast will be added to your Google homepage. Nino 3.4 Daily CDAS Index Temps: (11/10) Temps were rising today to -1.323 after bottoming out at -1.654 on 11/3, beating the previous low of -0.945 on 9/22. Tropics Beyond 72 hours decent wind energy is to continue flowing through the middle Gulf east into the Pacific Northwest into Sun (11/15) with a trough trying to develop over the Northwestern Gulf and that trough starting to pinch late Mon (11/16) over the Eastern Gulf off Oregon perhaps offering some support for gale development. There some odds for small southern hemi swell to result radiating north towards Southern CA and points south of there. This is what one would expect of a building El Nino. As of Saturday (3/9) the daily Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) was steady at 11.39. See more here:, Stormsurf Google Gadget - Want Stormsurf content on your Google Homepage? North CA:  Expect swell arrival on Sun (3/10) before sunrise with period 17 secs peaking a few hours later at 5.5 ft @ 16 secs (8.5 ft). Summer - Head high or better. A bit of a recovery occurred during Fall of 2019, with weak warm water building in the Nino 1.2 region, but cool water held in a pool off Peru and had not changed until March 2020. From your smart phones browser just navigate to:, Chasing The Swell: Sachi Cunningham from the LA Times spent the entirety of last winter chasing surfers and swells around the North Pacific with her high def video cam. (Note: These are 5 day average winds, so they lag what is happening today by about 2 days). Summer - Chest to head high. 073199.html equals July 31, 1999). The Daily SOI index was down to  -19.33. Fetch and sea are to move east of the Southern CA swell window beyond. This same pattern is forecast to hold through the weekend into the bulk of next week. Tuesday, November 10, 2020 Summer - Head high or better. The oscillation occurs in roughly 20-30 day cycles (Inactive for 20-30 days, then Active for 20-30 days) over any single location on the planet, though most noticeable in the Pacific. Otherwise another storm is forecast tracking from under Australia up into the Tasman Sea Mon/Tues (8/4) with 45 kt winds and 45 ft seas offering good potential for West New Zealand up into Fiji. Most models are suggesting a moderate to La Nina returning to Neutral in the late Spring. Beyond 72 hours high pressure is to try and get another foothold 1500 nmiles northeast of Hawaii continuing to generate trades there at 15 kts through the weekend with perhaps tropical low pressure south of the Islands feeding the local pressure gradient early next week with trades to 20 kts and large local windswell possible. Negative anomalies were -5 to -10 cms along the coast of Peru up into Ecuador and then reaching north up to Baja and into South and North CA.

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