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Just like with Baine “Taurajo was a legitemate military target honor!”. Now? Good that we have clarified that. How can it have taken 15 years when she didn’t exist as a character until Cata? What you need to take your D&D game from online to in-person. Which is why Blizzard won’t do it. In a way, they presented the ( human ) alliance as it was supposed to be, a worthy opponent who showed no mercy towards their enemies. Spider - The Forsaken and specifically their dark rangers have begun to breed and tame spiders. Light and Undead shouldn’t go in together ever. Of course I would find it very interesting if she tries to make peace with the forsaken and humans- but it totally backfires. It breaks the world when you have the same o’l people doing some shifty-evil stuff only to be put in place for it to happen in another couple of years. But as a + it leaves the forsaken alone, removing any risk of doing something dumb to the faction I mean the forsaken faction and its intently has already been hit hard this expansion. We all know it’s going to be Calia. Voss is the best choice. We all know it’s going to be Calia. I’m very tired of the SAME tired old war in this world of warCRAFT. Blizzard Watch uses minimal cookies to improve your experience and is in full compliance with the GDPR. #Bannerbae #WhodoesntloveVoss?! This could ultimately be what makes Calia realize that her people need to come before the needs of the alliance, and she joins the horde fully/breaks off from the alliance in the name of making sure the people of Lorderon survive, fighting back against those that would oppress or prevent them from doing so. Sylvanas already showed in Edge of Night that she don’t cared about the forsaken at all and in BtS she only cared about her own interests, not about the interests of the forsaken. By accepting you agree to our privacy policy. Calia if she is leader of anything it will be of an alliance faction of forsaken. Same thing with Baine and the Tauren. Disable ads, get exclusive content, and more! Oh you mean that undead from scholomance and the rogue class hall missions and no where else? Night Elves vs Undead, Tauren vs Dwarves, Gnomes vs Goblins. Who cares about stupid scarlets, they’re a walking fail anyway. She showed that she cares about these ugly creatures and even sacrificed her own life by trying to protect them from the evil Sylvanas. No offence but I think you’re fighting a losing battle here. All in all, it’s an interesting — and surprisingly quick — step forward for the future of the Forsaken. But then again blizzard’s writing is awful so that’s unlikely. If they open up the forsaken to be part of the Alliance then Calia will lead them. They’ll be getting basically-human Calia instead. Being a useful tool is still better than rulet by a blue puppet government/Queen. You have really low standards if you just take Calia just because she has so many alliance friends and isn’t Sylvanas. The fact Calia even came back as a forsaken by choice instead of alive pretty much confirms it…. No honestly I would rather get Calia as the forsaken leader and dissolve the factions. planting an Anduin puppet as new Forsaken head of state is the only purpose she will serve. Lillian Voss will be the new Dark Lady of the Horde Forsaken— those who have turned their backs on life and hope forever— the true heir to the Banshee Queen. The War Campaign is officially ending in patch 8.2.5…, A Resignation and Reflection: My watch has ended,…, Blizzard releases notes for patch 8.2.5, featuring…, Pirate Day walks the plank into World of Warcraft…, Blizzard has improved the Azerite progression…, Dire Maul arrives in WoW Classic next week, but the…. It’s kind of obvious blizzard is going to make her the forsaken faction leader. The surprise announcement of World of Warcraft patch 8.3 came with loads of info about what we can expect from the final major patch of Battle for Azeroth. What do you think this all means for the Forsaken? I would say welcome the new leader of the Forsaken and wish that she doesn’t get the Sylvanas treatment. Community. By Mitch @MitchFizzl. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. And she recalls everything that has happened. Need muh March of the Exarchs expansion already xd. Let’s keep clinging onto stupid statements by blizzard as word of god! “Your faction... And why exactly is she a lore breaking abomination? But what it didn’t touch on were some of the smaller, more minute details that would be awaiting us. It starts off with Derek Proudemoore and Calia Menethil together, awaiting Lilian’s arrival. Also Golden is mental. Calia is a lore breaking abomination. But building a statue to someone in a small town doesn’t mean that necessarily everyone has undying loyalty to her. It’s too late already because Golden writes for Blizz now so I don’t see why you complain about a better leader. I think Knights of the Ebon Blade SHOULD be hostile towards Sylvanas' forsaken after their leader showed open hostility towards their organisation by imprisoning and attempting to brainwash one of the prominent members. They talk about their various connections and what drives them as undead. She was in the priest order hall campaign (not forsaken aligned), died in a book, not in game, and was “raised” by the light which is the antithesis of the forsaken. not so much…I want our Forsaken to have NOTHING to do with a “Lightforged” sister of Arthas, Anything arthas related is cool by me…cause I’m a dk ya know, It’s been heavily foreshadowed Calia and Derek become the new Forsaken leaders, outright stated even. I’ve been in love with the Forsaken since day one and always dug Windrunner’s god queen of the damned aesthetic. r/wow: World of Warcraft on Reddit! Until of course Edge of Night came out. What she writes are her personal, crazy self spinnen fanfictions of how she wants stuff to be. Pick/randomly assigned a side when you do a BG, problem solved. She considers herself the rightful leader of Lordaeron and wants to help her people, which would be largely the Forsaken, as a good chunk of them are the former residence. Plus the last thing the forsaken need is an Alliance friendly character that is being manipulated by a holy naaru. They could solve the BGs being faction-themed issue by having Tyrande and Geya’rah lead bands of mercenaries against each other, since they’ve got irreconcilable differences with the other faction. Floresse-draenor 2019-08-19 16:42:16 UTC #2 I’m not exactly sure, but I think it was said in Before the Storm that she wanted to go to Undercity and be there for her people, but she couldn’t because she’s now the Warchief of the Horde. Calia has nothing. Lilian Voss sounds like an excellent leader for the Forsaken that were forsaken by their queen. -New Forsaken Proverb. “The faction war can never end” guyz. The gameplay would massively improve if we could do group content with the other faction anyway. Calia Menethil is probably the only chance for a decent leader of the forsaken. She's a sentient undead, like the Forsaken, but was only dead a short time, so she has no decomposing body parts.

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